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Wow. It’s hard to explain how excited I was to find a burger that we can eat. I was at Central Market, about to buy some more protein powder, when I realized I was pretty sure it’s about 7 bucks cheaper at PCC, and I was struck with a hunger for veggie burgers. I wandered over to the frozen section and looked at the options, then saw Sunshine Burgers, which I’ve been eating on and off for a year or more. I picked them up and read the package, and lo and behold – 2 of the 3 kinds are ED friendly. Actually, all 3 are, but their Southwest flavor has black beans, and since my daughter reacted to those (I think), we are avoiding them.

We tried the first of two kinds tonight, Sunflower’s organic Garden Herb burgers (organic cooked brown rice, organic ground raw sun-flower seeds, organic carrots, organic herbs and sea salt.) We had a side of fries, Alexia organic Yukon Gold Julienne Fries with Sea Salt. The ingredients include citric acid. I remember reading something about citric acid being a no-no online, but I really need to check the info from our doctor. I felt it was worth it to avoid washing potatoes and pulling out the mandolin slicer to make my own fries. My daughter was thrilled with the fries, of course, but was only so-so about the burger, even with the avocado, which she likes some days and not others. She agreed to finish the burger (8 grams of protein!) in exchange for another round of fries. I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to bribe my children into eating food with rewards of other food, but I’m okay with it today. I pondered making gluten free biscuits to create hamburger buns, but I decided to play with the kids instead. It was worth it! And, I looooved dinner. It felt good to eat something that seems normal.

sunshine burger

Last night I made some garlic and ginger fried rice and sweet potato fries. Super yummy and a hit with both of us.

fried rice

sweet potatoes


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