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This morning I decided to make something different for breakfast, to try and distract my daughter from the fact that she is no longer eating cheese.

I made rice pudding, roughly based on this recipe.

rice pudding

I mixed together 3/4 cup cooked brown rice (I was thinking about how much oatmeal we usually eat, but I forgot that oatmeal expands, so it didn’t turn out to be as much for both of us as I had thought it would be), 3/4 cup rice milk, 1 TB maple syrup and heated on stove top until most of the liquid was absorbed by the rice. Once off the stove top, I added a little cinnamon and salt. Both my daughter and I liked it. I served it with a protein smoothie, vitamins, water, and half a banana. We were good and full.

I took of picture of her lunch because she assembled it, and it’s a nice simple balanced alternative to her usual lunch of pasta primavera. We use raw nuts and seeds, and today I sprinkled a little salt on the seeds, as she usually won’t eat many of them without it, and then, what’s the point?. That goopy stuff is sunflower seed spread, which really is pretty good when you dip crackers or carrots in it. Almost like peanut butter, but not quite. And, a little cup of applesauce. I think I might try making some peanut butter cookies soon, substituting the sunflower seed spread for peanut butter.



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