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I decided to move this blog to blogspot. I figured it would be fun to try out somewhere new. The new blog can be found here:


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My daughter woke us up this morning, excited for “Cheese day”. Our Naturopath advised us that 2 slices of cheese with each meal 3 times a day (for 3 days) is the correct amount for testing dairy. We bought 2 kinds of organic cheese for testing: pre-sliced mild cheddar and a block of mozzarella. We melted 1 slice per meal over pasta or potato, and she wanted to just eat the other slices by themselves. She was so excited this morning, she was giddy. It has been about a year since she has had any cheese. My husband talked with her this morning about how we need to watch for energy or emotional reactions today, and so after breakfast she let me know she felt great, and right before dinner said, “I know you want to know how I feel, not how excited I am, but how my body is feeling from eating cheese, and I want you to know my body is feeling great.”

We spent most of our day out in the sunshine, and it’s been a while since we’ve done that, so I wanted to make sure she wasn’t dehydrated. I had her drink 2 glasses of water with dinner. After dinner, in the bathtub, she started crying. The initial reason was that her brother picked a “movie” from a stack of DVD’s she selected to watch tonight – he picked Charlie and Lola, which is quite tame and she said she doesn’t like it and feels very frustrated and sad that she doesn’t know why, even though she put it in the pile for him to pick from. Then she said she was crying (which she still was) because she misses her protein powder because it makes her body feel good (we aren’t taking it because her cheese consumption covers her daily requirement of protein), then said her tummy was hurting. She started coming up with non-cheese related excuses why this could be. Too much water too quickly. Too much to eat. Then I talked with my husband, and we did the same thing. Too much sun today, not enough sleep last night. Uh-oh. I know it’s possible (I mean, I think it’s possible) that her tummy could be hurting from trying to process cheese for the first time in a year. Also, from drinking too much water too quickly. But honestly, if I had to guess, I would say this is definitely a food reaction, since her temperament has been fairly even for weeks (although, come to think of it, she did have a giant tantrum last week that is completely out of the ordinary for her). But the emotional reaction of crying in addition to her upset stomach makes me wonder if tomorrow we are going to start seeing some physical reactions to cheese.

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I spent the day grocery shopping and baking (including another batch of blackberry/blueberry/strawberry Wondie bars). My new fruit for the week is grapes and my new veggie is bok choy. Surely, my daughter can’t be allergic to these.

I’ve been trying to find ways to mix protein powder into different foods so we don’t need to drink 2 smoothies a day. For breakfast, I tried sneaking a tablespoon of protein powder into each blueberry muffin before baking them. I’m not sure who I thought I was fooling, because my daughter took one bite into her muffin and said, “I know what’s in here: protein powder.” By the end of the muffin, we both agreed we were used to the taste and liked it. Hooray – and – yikes!

I also baked a loaf of Orgran’s bread. It came out bread-like, but it’s really plain. I’m hoping to make sandwiches on it for something different. As a side with my soup, I dipped some bread into olive oil with salt and pepper, and that was good.


I had a realization today. When my daughter had a reaction to black beans, I assumed I should just take away all beans. My reasoning was that I didn’t want to risk feeding her other beans and having her go through more skin reactions, and I didn’t want to delay her schedule for testing foods, thereby making the ED even longer. The result was, I had even fewer meal options without actually knowing if she could eat other beans. Today, I found myself frustrated that I had put myself in this position.

So, I decided to add all beans except black back into her diet and see what happens (which is what her Dr. suggested we do in the first place). She had pinto beans with brown rice and avocado for lunch, and it was the quickest lunch I’ve prepared in weeks (hallelujah!). So far, no strong reactions from her. I’m so happy to have beans back as an option. And, so glad to have figured this one out sooner rather than later (with a little help from my husband – thanks!).

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Today we tried some pumpkin soup for dinner. My daughter wasn’t too excited about it at first. I had her try one version with coconut milk and one without, and she preferred the version with coconut milk. She liked it enough to eat most of one bowl. I loved it and went back for seconds, adding some rice to it for more substance. The little chunks are carrot and apple.

pumpkin soup

The recipe comes from The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen. I quartered the recipe and used canned organic pumpkin as it’s the wrong time of year to find actual pumpkins. I didn’t have any celery. I added more maple syrup than recommended (about a tsp per bowl).

My daughter is feeling better now that we’ve removed pineapple from her diet, and I’ve greatly reduced her intake of orange juice in case citrus in general is problematic (I hope not! She loves both orange juice and lemons).

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For fun and something different, I picked up some coconut (from the bulk section at PCC) so my daughter could sprinkle it atop her fruit.  Both kids love it and are eating it straight, as well as adding it to other foods like baked potato and oatmeal. I keep it in a spice/sprinkle container.

shredded coconut

Pasta primavera is quickly becoming one of my daughter’s favorite meals for lunch or dinner: rice pasta (we use mostly Trader Joe’s) mixed with oil, salt and pepper, kalamata olives, and veggies (here, just carrots). She does a great job eating her broccoli, and prefers it on the side rather than being mixed in. This was for lunch, so those are some kettle chips on the side.

pasta primavera

One of my favorite meals is sun dried tomato pesto pasta:

sun-dried tomato pesto

Here’s my recipe – its a basic vegan pesto sauce with sun dried tomatoes added in:

1 container fresh basil
2 TB olive oil
1 clove garlic, finely chopped (I use a garlic press)
handful of cashews
1 heaping TB sun dried tomatoes
sprinkle of salt and pepper

Add everything to the blender and blend. Add more oil if needed to keep the blender moving. Scrape down sides with spatula as needed until everything is crushed into a pesto paste.

Once the pesto is done, I mix it in a bowl with some rice pasta, then add another tsp (or more) of sun dried tomatoes from the jar (I use Trader Joe’s Julienne Sliced Sun Dried Tomatoes in olive oil).


My daughter had another reaction to food today, this time I think it was because of pineapple. We hadn’t had any pineapple in about a week.  I sliced one up and gave some to her on the side last night with her dinner, and then again for breakfast this morning with strawberries. As it turns out, last night she cried twice, and this morning she was forwarding through scary parts in her cartoon. Today, within an hour of eating the pineapple her skin had a reaction.

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We watched Horton Hears a Who! last night, and my daughter sat all the way through it without getting upset, which is saying a lot for her. She covered her head with a blanket during a few scary parts, but even then she was laughing. I’m wondering if her fearfulness before was in some way related to food allergies as her Naturopath had suggested, or if this is just an unusually tame movie? She agreed she’d like to watch another movie next week, so we’ll see how that goes. Interesting!

This morning we started out with our favorite breakfast – Flying Apron’s “Berry Oat Wondie Bars”. They’re like granola bars with fruit. This batch we made with mango, peach and blueberries at my daughter’s request. I probably should have peeled the skin off the peaches, but they are these little organic white peaches that didn’t seem to have much on them as it was. I think they taste good, but I prefer just berries in this dish. My daughter liked this combo, but suggested no peaches next time.

mango wondie bars

One more week of cleansing to go, and then we can start testing foods for allergies. I’m feeling so good eating this way that I’m starting to think about what parts of this I’d like to continue once the allergy testing is done. But, I do miss coffee. Not sure if I want to give that up permanently or not.

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I went grocery shopping today and bought tons of yummy fresh fruit and veggies. Even though its most of what we eat, I still get really excited about it because it’s so good for us.

I found a few snacks for my daughter (and me). Since she’s being such a good sport and loves snacks, I thought it would be a good idea. I found 2 kinds of chips:

Terra brand Sweets & Beets (Sweet Potato & Beet Chips)
Kettle Baked potato chips (lightly salted)

My daughter was very happy about the Kettle chips. The Terra chips, not so much. I agree with her, but they are something different to try. I also bought some of Trader Joe’s Freeze Dried Blueberries. We’ve tried these before and we like them.

For dinner, the whole family joined us (and ate!). Blueberry pancakes (Namaste Foods, Waffle & Pancake Mix) with maple syrup, garlic fried potatoes and fruit salad. My daughter helped by mashing all the fruit together in the bowl, so we would “get to taste all of the fruits in each bite.”  She ate it all and had seconds. Hooray for another dinner she likes! The pancakes are a little more chewy than normal ones (my husband ate a few, but he wasn’t too impressed), but with maple syrup and fruit on top, and being ok for us to eat, my daughter and I thought they tasted pretty darn close to the real thing.

blueberry pancakes

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