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Well, cheese. Hmm. After the first cheese testing day I talked with my dad and found out he has some mild issues with mozzarella cheese in block form, so I removed my daughter’s mozzarella block cheese in case that passed through a genetic line to her, and kept her on mild cheddar. Maybe she can eat some kinds of cheese and not others? I hadn’t really considered that idea enough before this week. Yesterday, day two of the cheese test went fine, and today she also seemed fine, except her stomach hurting at the end of the day. But no rash, which is incredibly hopeful. Now I’m supposed to watch her for the remainder of the week since it can take that long for a reaction to occur.

For dinner, we had beans and rice.  My daughter had hers with cheese mixed in, I added avocado and hot salsa from Trader Joe’s, and we both loved our dinners. My daughter asked me to make her nachos for her last cheese day, but since we can’t eat tortillas (because of the corn or other ingredients), I melted some cheese over kettle chips, also a big hit. For dessert, I made some raspberry ice cream that I read about recently. I just put some frozen raspberries and coconut milk into our food processor, and added a smidge of rice milk and brown rice syrup. Yum!

beans, rice and salsa

rice, beans, cheese


raspberry ice cream


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I made some frosting today roughly based on a Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen recipe. I mixed 1-2 TB canola oil, maple syrup and arrowroot powder. I love that they recommend adding crushed beet (squeezed through a garlic press) to add a pink color! How creative, since we are avoiding artificial colors. My daughter was very happy with the frosting which was good on the gingerbread cookies we made a few days ago (which are vanishing quickly, because I keep eating them). Also, I noticed a cake (on the same page as the frosting recipe, above) I could make on this diet, except for the cocoa powder and vanilla. I might try it, if there’s an occasion. Maybe 4th of July? We’ll see. We used to eat dessert almost every day, after lunch and after dinner. I’m kind of liking this excuse to eat considerably less goodies.

Also, I found out a likely cause for my daughters coughing, stomach aches and sore throat. We went to her pediatrician yesterday and they swabbed her nose and discovered she is allergic to some kind of pollen that’s in the air right now. Apparently, post nasal drip can be responsible for stomach aches. The doctor said it could just be spring pollen and clear up by the end of June, or she may also be allergic to summer pollen. The way she suggested we figure out which it is, and to verify that in fact this is what’s causing all of her symptoms is to put her on Claritin. However, when I checked with our Naturopath, she said we should hold off on using Claritin for as long as possible as it will interfere with the elimination diet. So, we’ll wait on that. It’s good to know that a pollen allergy is a possible cause of the worsening cough and mild stomach aches, although it would be great to verify this and give her some relief from it. At this point I’m hoping it will clear up on its own in the next few weeks.

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We are waiting out this week in hopes that my daughter will be back to 100% by Saturday so we can start her testing phase. In addition to her flare-ups over the past few weeks, she has also had a bit of a cold, which her Naturopath said could interfere with the results of the testing. We’ve come this far, so I’d really like to be sure about whether or not she’s reacting to foods during the testing phase.

In anticipation of a party she has coming up this weekend, we baked some gingerbread cookies. One of the party activities is decorating sugar cookies, and I thought it would be nice if she could decorate (and eat) cookies too. I asked her if it was okay that she would be decorating a different kind of cookie, and she responded, “Yes, it’s ok, I mean the point is to decorate something. It will still be fun.” Sometimes I think I come up with things to worry about,  because clearly this child isn’t concerned about being different.


So, I followed a recipe from vegweb, substituting gluten free all-purpose flour, rice syrup for molasses, skipped all ginger (because we were out of powdered and I didn’t want to risk fresh ginger being too strong for my daughter). It made a good firm cookie for decorating, but doesn’t have much flavor. My daughter sampled one tonight and said, “they’re ok”, which I will happily accept. I’m going to make some frosting for her to bring so she can decorate them with raisins, and anything else I come up with between now and the party that seems like it could be glued to a gingerbread cookie.

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salad with tahini

I usually mix up an avocado dressing for my salad, but tonight I was craving, strangely, tahini. So, I mixed some tahini with a little lemon juice, some olive oil, dried dill, water for thinning, and a clove of fresh garlic (I use a garlic press). I love fresh garlic (and its benefits!), and thought it would be nice to give my system a boost by eating some raw. The result was a really strong dressing. So much so that my mouth was burning towards the end. Not a dressing for everyone, but for me, it hit the spot.

For dessert, I made a protein shake separate from my daughters, so I could use up all of the remaining pineapple in the house. I’m not sure how it didn’t occur to make my all-time favorite cocktail before – a Pina Colada!

pina colada

Blend the following:
1 1/2 cups pineapple
1/2 cup rice milk
1 TB coconut milk
1 cup ice

When I was done, I kind of wished I hadn’t used all the pineapple. This makes a perfect end of day treat. Strawberries or orange juice would be a nice addition too.

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