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Well, I learned a few things today. I was about to start making an Indian curry dish for dinner when my daughter came over to urge me to make something different (“yuck! curry..yuck!”) so I looked around our pantry and came up with spring rolls. I’ve been avoiding making these, or any Asian food because we can’t use soy sauce or peanuts, which are apparently two of my favorite ingredients now that I can’t eat them.

So, I spent the following hour and a half making spring rolls – well, searching the internet for soy-free sauces and making spring rolls intermittently, and trying different variations of canola oil, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, salt and coconut milk to come up with a sauce my daughter would eat. She sampled and we came up with one she liked (all ingredients minus coconut milk). I poured the sauce into a ziplock bag, then added lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, carrots, and cooked rice noodles into the bag to marinate. I then added ingredients to a rice spring roll wrapper, added a little avocado and I thought they tasted pretty darn good. I made some for my daughter minus cabbage and lettuce at her request. She ate one roll, then told me she was full. And also, didn’t like them. Meanwhile, I was cooking a separate soy sauce noodles and veggie dish for my 2 year old, which he ultimately pushed away and didn’t want to eat.

I would have taken a picture of the spring rolls, but I was so hungry I ate them before I had a chance to get a picture. However, here’s a picture of the remaining ingredients I made when I was cleaning up and made one final large spring roll for tomorrow:

spring rolls

My goal for next week is to be more organized about what I’ll be cooking ahead of time. Also, I’m learning that as much as I like to let my daughter voice her opinions, she doesn’t like a good amount of what I cook, regardless of whether she suggested the dish or not, so I should just make whatever I want. Ha! Did I just say that out loud? No, it’s a funny thing, though. It’s taking me a little while to actually get that it’s okay for me to just prepare a healthy dinner of my choice, taking their preferences into account, and say, “Eat it if you’re hungry. Otherwise, go play.”

Here’s a few links I found while making spring rolls today. I found some yummy recipes I’d like to try out at some point:

Raw Vegan Spinach Manicotti

Chia Pudding

Soy-free soy sauce recipe

Book of Yum (GF, Soy-free Vegetarian recipes)

Vegweb Spring Rolls


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We made our first sandwiches today. I toasted the bread, but it was pretty crumbly. My daughter requested sunflower seed spread and jam. We didn’t have any sugar-free jam, so I mashed up some strawberries and that worked just fine. There’s also a new chip we’re trying out: Trader Joe’s Veggie Chips. They aren’t organic, but I was feeling a little lax this week. For my daughter, the sandwich was a success.

kids sandwich

I made essentially avocado salad on bread, and I thought it was fine, but I think I prefer just a salad. The bread has the look and consistency of angel food cake, and doesn’t really have any flavor.

salad sandwich

We made some hummus since garbanzo beans are back on, even if just a few servings a week. I started out using this recipe a few months ago, and now I just mix ingredients without looking at the recipe. Invariably, my husband saves my hummus by adding more oil, salt, pepper and cumin. I always think I’ve added enough, but his hummus is always better.


For dinner, I wanted to eat some veggies but also wanted a new sauce. I thought it would be fun to try making Steph’s tofu sauce (without the tofu, of course) from PCC, since my daughter loves it. I think I have the recipe around here somewhere (they give out recipes at the deli counter if you ask) but the amounts are crazy large since they are creating enough for a store, so I just mixed up a little of each of the ingredients, based on the order from most to least: orange juice, sesame oil, ginger, brown rice vinegar, olive oil, garlic. The recipe also calls for tamari, but because we are avoiding soy, we couldn’t add that. I added some salt to try and make up for it. For sure, this sauce is tons better with tamari, but once all the veggies and pasta were mixed up, I thought it tasted pretty good. However, my daughter who liked one bite of it during the tasting portion, lost her love for it once I served it. I am going to try this again once I get some coconut aminos, which is supposed to be a great soy-free alternative for soy sauce. If that works out, it will be a great help.

Steph's stirfry

I found some new vitamins for my daughter that are not actually 100% elimination diet friendly, because they contain sugar (organic evaporated cane juice), but after searching and finding some form of sugar in all the vitamins I found, I decided these were the safest. They’re called Yummi Bears Organics Multi-Vitamin & Mineral and I found them at PCC (but the amazon price I just found is almost half the price!). Free of yeast, wheat, milk, eggs, soy, salt, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, allergens, gluten, casein, gelatin, artificial flavors, artificial colors and preservatives. My daughter LOVES them, so hooray for that.

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