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I’m planning to wait out week 5, since my daughter had another rash breakout a few days ago. I’m not sure what was the cause, but it might have been something from a party she attended. She received and used a Tootsie Roll flavored lip balm with ingredients too small to read, and I’m wondering if that was the cause. She also had some green peas (from her restricted list) that day, and some non-organic potato chips (other than being made from non-organic potatoes, they were safe). In any case, I am most comfortable waiting out this week before testing cheese, of all foods. It’s the one food that appears to have caused most of the initial damage to my daughter in terms of physical reactions, and I really need to make sure she’s reacting to it when we test it, and not something else, like lip balm.

My daughter asked me to make more Wondie bars for this week’s breakfasts, and as much as I truly love them, I think I’m ready for a break and something new for breakfast. I looked to The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen for something new, and picked Raspberry Scones. It did require a trip to the grocery store for xanthan gum, different flours and shortening (Spectrum Organic palm oil), but I decided I should really start buying these items since it looks like we could be eating this way for quite a while, perhaps through the summer. We used coconut milk and skipped the vanilla. These turned out so delicious! I think they are the most decadent treat we’ve had so far on the ED, and I think anyone, restricted diet or not, would enjoy these. The whole house had a nice raspberry coconut smell.

raspberry scones

My daughter was excited when she learned we could eat shortening, as that means we can try making tortillas, one of her favorite foods that her grandma taught her to make. I tried one batch with brown rice flour that didn’t have very good flavor, then tried another batch with gluten free all-purpose flour, and that batch was pretty good, although I never quite struck the right balance between too dry (crack when rolled out) and too wet (stick to the counter when rolled out). I’ll post the recipe once I find the right balance.

We stacked macaroni and cheese sauce (for cheese), mashed potatoes and pinto beans on top. I think avocados and a side salad would have been a nice addition, but my daughter wasn’t too interested in either of those. All in all, a successful day!



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First, the freak-out
My daughter ended up having another reaction to food last night, and it made me wonder what new foods I had introduced in the past day or two. The answer: yellow squash and pumpkin. I had to search online to see if it’s even possible to be allergic to either of these foods. Surprise! Yes. That’s when I started having my first mini freak-out of this elimination diet. Soy allergy, I get. As a vegetarian, she has had a lot of soy since she was born and it’s possible her system has been overloaded. Maybe an allergy to dairy, ok. But then beans (possibly the whole bean family), pineapple, and now squash and pumpkin? It’s starting to feel as though she’s reacting to new foods as quickly as I can introduce them, which isn’t supposed to be happening, since we are still in our cleansing weeks.

I’ve removed all squash now too (butternut, zucchini, yellow and pumpkin are really the only ones we routinely eat). My husband reassured me that we’re moving in the right direction, and that we won’t know for sure which foods she is actually reacting to until we do her testing weeks. So, for now, I’m back on track. Whew.

Also, I realized that pineapple isn’t part of the citrus family, so I’m not adjusting anything there as I had been for a day or two. I’m just learning all kinds of things on this diet!

And now, banana muffins

banana muffins

Inspired by my baking neighbor, I looked up a recipe for banana bread. The recipe only has a few ingredients, and I traded out Canola oil for butter, brown rice syrup for brown sugar, egg replacer for eggs (it has some citric acid in it, so that’s my first known breaking of the rules for ingredients, but I’m ok with it). I used Orgran gluten free all purpose plain flour. The result was great! I made muffins instead of a loaf of bread because I didn’t have enough flour to make the full recipe.

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